An increasing number of people suffer from depression, anxiety, stress, and other mental health conditions. Having a mental health disorder can be both frightening and overwhelming especially when one doesn’t know where to go to for help. My practice offers that place where I attempt to answer your questions and allay your fears.

I have been practicing psychiatry for more than 15 years and my philosophy is simple. It is based on my approach of treating the patient as a whole whereby I take into consideration biological, psychological, emotional, and social factors which interfere in our lives and cause us turmoil. I attempt to provide a caring environment and foster a relationship with each patient in order to identify and explore those issues.

During the initial assessment, I conduct a detailed Diagnostic evaluation in order to devise an Individualized and Comprehensive Treatment plan unique to the needs of each patient. My patients and I work jointly in collaboration as a team in which my patient is an active participant in guiding his/her treatment.

I provide both medication management and psychotherapy in my office which is patient specific. Often my patients will benefit from a combination of both treatments. With respect to psychotherapy, I offer long term psychodynamic psychotherapy, short term therapy, crisis management, and consultation.

Psychotherapy is provided in a confidential and discrete setting as I realize that many psychiatric conditions are accompanied by social discomfort. My work with my patients emphasizes compassion, empathy and support. We work together towards increasing self-awareness, a healthier sense of well-being, and a greater effectiveness in both personal and professional growth.


Dr. Gupta is Board Certified in Psychiatry from the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology and Board Certified in Forensic Psychiatry. Dr. Gupta is Teaching Faculty at St. Elizabeths Hospital Psychiatry Residency Training Program and Forensic Psychiatry Fellowship Program in Washington DC. Dr. Gupta also developed and supervises the Forensic Psychiatry Seminar series for the Psychiatry Residents. Dr. Gupta is also Clinical Assistant Professor of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences at the George Washington University School of Medicine, Washington DC. She is also appointed to the The Commission on Mental Health in Washington DC.

Dr. Gupta completed her Psychiatry Residency Training at Saint Elizabeths Hospital, Washington D.C., where she was also Chief Resident. She completed her Forensic Psychiatry Fellowship at Georgetown University Hospital, Washington D.C. Additionally Dr. Gupta has completed a Psychoanalytic Fellowship at the Baltimore Washington Center for Psychoanalysis. Dr. Gupta has also completed a Fellowship in Forensic Psychiatry at Georgetown University Hospital, Washington DC.

In addition, she also completed a Psychoanalytic Fellowship at the Baltimore Washington Center for Psychoanalysis.

Dr. Gupta is Chair of the Membership Committee and a member of the Governance Committee of the Washington Psychiatric Society. She is also a member of the American Psychiatric Association and a member of the American Academy of Psychiatry and Law.